Bathroom Remodel Bloomington IL

Bathroom Remodel Bloomington IL

A beautiful new shower installed by Johnson's Building Company

Improve Your Household’s Comfort and Cleanliness with a Bathroom Remodel in Bloomington IL

What’s the most important seat in your home? Is it your comfy recliner? Is it the head of your dining room table? No! The most important seat in your home is your porcelain throne: the toilet! Your bathroom is your most essential room and thus should be the most put-together and up-to-date. However, if your “throne room” isn’t as comfortable, inviting, and clean as it should be, allow Johnson’s Building Company to provide the update it needs. Trust us for an exceptional bathroom remodel in Bloomington IL!

Why Do You Need a Bathroom Remodel?

As mentioned, bathrooms are the most important rooms in your home! While there are plenty of rooms you can do without, you can’t comfortably live somewhere without a functioning bathroom. Thankfully, with remodeling and renovation from Johnson’s Building Company, you’ll never need to worry about your restrooms again. You’ll know it’s time to call Johnson’s to talk about bathroom remodeling when:

  • Your Design is Outdated – Your bathroom, looking like it belongs in the past decade, isn’t as charming or “vintage” as you might think. It’s time for a modern update that matches the rest of your home’s style!
  • A Bathroom Lacks of Functionality – Are you constantly bumping into fixtures? Is your restroom’s layout too cramped during your family’s morning routine? A remodel can improve the flow and functionality of the space, adding new counter space, sinks, cabinetry, etc.
  • Your Restroom Has Damage and Wear – Bathrooms can suffer from moisture damage, mold, and general wear and tear over time. As a result, your bathroom might not be as clean as you expect. A remodel can address these issues, ensuring a healthy environment.
  • You Require Increased Efficiency – Older bathroom fixtures may not be as energy or water-efficient as they could be. Modern fixtures, on the other hand, can help save money by wasting less water and energy. Upgrading fixtures and fittings can save you huge on utility bills in the long term.
  • You Wish to Enhance Comfort – Perhaps you dream of a spa-like retreat with a soaker tub or a rain shower. A bathroom can be your private getaway to wash away the day’s troubles. Creating this luxurious escape is possible with quality bathroom remodeling.
  • Planning the Future Sale of Your Home – Not only does a bathroom remodel improve your immediate comfort and enjoyment, but it also has the potential to increase the overall value of your property.

How Else Can Johnson’s Building Company Assist?

A bathroom remodel in Bloomington IL isn’t the only room Johnson’s Building Company can supply our services. We provide expert design and construction for various residential projects and additional work for commercial ones, too. When you choose Johnson’s Building Company to update and renovate your home, you can count on high-quality materials, local contractors and architects, and a commitment to excellence. Our additional building services include:

Contractor retiling a wall during a Bathroom Remodel in Bloomington IL

Talk with the Johnson’s Team

If you wish to make your restroom “worthy of the throne,” invest in a beautiful, custom bathroom remodel in Bloomington IL, from Johnson’s Building Company. To learn more about our company and services or request a quote, call 309-830-7110. You can also reach Johnson’s Building Company by filling out our contact form.