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Commercial Interior Renovation

Commercial Interior Renovation

Attract New Clients and Customers with Johnson’s Commercial Interior Renovation

You read that right! In addition to the exceptional residential construction, renovation, and remodeling services Johnson’s Building Company offers, we can also help build up your business. Commercial property owners throughout Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign and the surrounding areas count on Johnson’s Building Company for our high-quality commercial interior renovation services. Our contractors and architects understand what design aspects can bring your business to life and attract new clientele. Begin redesigning your facility’s interior, thanks to Johnson’s Building Company.

Should You Consider Renovation?

You likely go round and round, trying to decide whether interior renovation is right for your business. At Johnson’s Building Company, we’re happy to report an investment in the quality of your interior is also an investment in the success of your business! Especially considering if your interior is old, outdated, and not conducive to a productive work environment, commercial interior renovation is crucial. After your renovation, you can expect benefits like:

  • Enhanced Brand Image – A refreshed interior space reflects the professionalism of your business, impressing clients and customers from the moment they walk through your doors.
  • Increased Employee Productivity – Employees thrive in a work environment designed for comfort and efficiency, directly contributing to improved performance and increased job satisfaction.
  • Optimized Use of Space – Modern commercial renovations can transform your interior area, creating layouts that maximize utility and flow, leaving you with more space than you thought you had!
  • Energy Efficiency – Up-to-date interiors often include environmentally friendly upgrades that lower utility costs and align your business with local and federal sustainability standards.
  • Better Customer Experience – A visually appealing and functionally superior storefront invites customers to return, fostering loyalty and building your reputation through word-of-mouth.
  • Property Value Increase – Well-executed renovations can elevate the market value of your commercial property, providing long-term financial benefits when it comes time to sell.

What’s Part of Your Commercial Interior Renovation?

From replacing energy-sucking light fixtures to updating your facility’s entire layout, there’s a great deal Johnson’s Building Company can provide your business. Our experienced designers and contractors consider your desires and the specific building codes and requirements necessary for practical, long-lasting renovations. As such, our commercial interior renovation services for Central Illinois cover:

Commercial Interior Renovation
Walls, Ceilings & Flooring

Every surface is an opportunity to impress. We use only premium materials to ensure your walls, ceilings, and floors stand out while withstanding the test of time.

Commercial Interior Renovation
Light Fixtures

Old, shoddy lighting not only ups your energy bills but can irritate employees and clients. We help install new, energy-efficient lighting that's easy on the eyes.

Commercial Interior Renovation
Interior Layout

Reimagine how your commercial space is utilized. Our team excels in designing layouts that promote flow, enhance work efficiency, and encapsulate your brand's unique identity.

Commercial Interior Renovation
Bathroom Upgrades

As a reflection of your attention to detail, our upscale bathroom renovations prioritize hygiene and design to leave a lasting impression on employees and clients.

Give Johnson’s Building Company a Call

Don’t be embarrassed by the way your business looks; be proud of it! Reach out to Johnson’s Building Company, Central Illinois’ preferred contractors for exceptional commercial interior renovation. To learn more about our services, like custom home designs or renovations, or request a consultation with our team, call 309-830-7110. Or, get in touch by filling out our contact form.