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Make Your Kitchens Functional Again with Johnson’s Remodeling & Renovation

An organized, up-to-date kitchen is essential to the function of your household. However, how can you expect to get anything done if your kitchen is messy, cluttered, cramped, and woefully out-of-date? If such is the case with your home’s kitchen, it’s time for a change! Thanks to expert kitchen remodeling and renovation in Central Illinois from Johnson’s Building Company, you can completely transform your cooking space with new floors, cabinetry, appliances, and more. Talk with the Johnson’s Building Company team today to design the kitchen your home deserves!

Do You Need a New Kitchen?

Do you find yourself having trouble preparing food with limited counter space? Does your oven no longer run as hot? Are broken fixtures, stuck drawers, scratched-up cabinets, or other minor issues constantly frustrating your cooking experience? It sounds like you might need a new kitchen! Thankfully, our design and contracting experts understand what makes a beautiful, functional kitchen. We work with you to help you achieve your ideal kitchen design, with remodeling benefits like:

  • Increased Home Value – A modern kitchen remodel can significantly boost your home’s resale value, making it a wise investment for your future.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – With new, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, you can reduce utility costs while contributing to a healthier planet.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Safety – Our custom kitchen designs focus on ergonomic features and updated safety standards, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for your family.
  • Customized Functionality – Whether you need more counter space or specialized storage solutions, we craft a kitchen that perfectly suits your unique cooking and entertaining style.
  • Modern Aesthetics – Keep your home and kitchen looking modern with the latest design trends that are sure to WOW your family and friends.
  • Reduced Clutter – With additional storage and organization systems, your newly renovated kitchen will help keep everything in its place, promoting a tidy and stress-free environment.

What Does Your Kitchen Renovation Entail?

No corner of your kitchen goes untouched when you hire Johnson’s Building Company for your kitchen renovation. Based on your wants, needs and budget restraints, we will develop a kitchen design that perfectly matches your cooking style and aesthetic preferences. Our construction company can do everything from updating your appliances to replacing your kitchen floor!


Choose from an array of beautiful, durable, and long-lasting cabinet options to enhance your kitchen's storage and uplift its aesthetic appeal.


Whether you prefer the elegance of granite or the sleek finish of quartz, our countertop selections can meet both your functional needs and stylistic tastes.


Step onto a new, high-quality kitchen floor that radiates warmth and beauty. We offer exceptional flooring options, ranging from traditional hardwood to modern, low-maintenance tiles.


Elevate your kitchen's functionality with the latest energy-efficient and smart home-compatible appliances. We install appliances backed by the industry's most trusted manufacturers.

Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures

Update your kitchen's usability and safety with cutting-edge plumbing and electrical fixtures, adding convenience and a touch of sophistication.

Talk with Johnson’s Building Company

A beautiful, organized and functional kitchen no longer has to be your dream. Make your ideal kitchen a reality with remodeling and renovation from Johnson’s Building Company. To learn more about our services, like custom home designs or room additions, or request a consultation with our team, call 309-830-7110. Or, get in touch by filling out our contact form.