Custom Home Additions Bloomington IL

Custom Home Additions Bloomington IL

A custom home addition being built onto a home in Central Illinois

Expand Out Your Space with Custom Home Additions in Bloomington IL

When marrying and having children, you want as much space as possible to live and raise your kids. However, finding a home that fits your every preference, with the area and functionality you desire, isn’t always possible. But just because you can’t find the perfect space doesn’t mean you can’t make it that way! With custom home additions in Bloomington IL, you can build out new rooms or entire floors, bringing your ideal home vision to life! Call Johnson’s Building Company today to get started on your home additions and renovations.

What Kind of Addition Do You Need?

From open sunrooms to entirely new floors, Johnson’s Building Company can construct all types of home additions. Every choice of home addition offers specific designs and amenities that fit the needs of your family and household. As such, some of the home additions you can request from our team include:

  • Sunrooms – Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of an enclosed living space. Sunrooms are perfect additions to any house, adding extra space for relaxation and entertaining guests.
  • Home Offices – Are you having trouble staying focused when working from home? Create a dedicated workspace to help enhance your productivity in a quiet, secluded environment.
  • Bedrooms – Whether you need more space for new family members or want room for guests, Johnson’s can help you increase your home’s capacity with additional bedrooms.
  • Garage Additions – Do you Want to upgrade your garage from one stall to two? Do you wish you had some extra space for working or storage? Allow Johnson’s to expand your garage space.
  • Decks and Patios – Not all home additions have to be enclosed. Custom decks and patios, ideal for outdoor activities and leisure, can extend your living space.
  • Second-Story Additions – Elevate your living space by adding a new floor to your home, doubling your house’s functional area.
  • Bump Outs – Rather than creating entirely new rooms, Johnson’s can expand on your existing space by knocking down walls and erecting new ones, creating bump outs for any area of your home.

Home Building and Remodeling with Johnson’s

Are you looking for something more extensive than custom home additions in Bloomington IL? Maybe something less? Don’t worry; whatever your preferences, Johnson’s Building Company can happily oblige. We’ve helped countless residents across Central Illinois create their dream homes through remodeling or from the ground up. As such, our design and construction services entail:

The upstairs of a house with custom Home Additions in Bloomington IL

Call Today

Don’t put off custom home additions in Bloomington IL any longer! Discover beautiful, affordable, long-lasting design and contracting from the professionals at Johnson’s Building Company. Contact us today at 309-830-7110 to learn more about our services or request a consultation. You can also reach Johnson’s Building Company by filling out our contact form.