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A builder and home owners admiring a new buildout for their home addition in Central Illinois

Home Additions

Make Your Residence Truly Unique with Johnson’s Beautiful Home Additions

When you first purchased your home, it seemed like it had everything you could want or need! However, life changes in incredible ways. Meeting the person you love, bringing another life into the world, or caring for your aging parents are just a few examples of how your life can drastically change. Now, that once “perfect” home might lack the space or amenities you need. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your property for someplace else! If you live in Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign and the surrounding communities, you can count on Johnson’s Building Company for exceptional home additions. Call us today!

Do You Need New Home Additions?

Whether you wish to invest in some extra square footage or create an entirely unique, personal living space, Johnson’s Building Company home additions are for you! Our architects and contractors produce exceptional room designs and renovations, providing your home with the extra space, amenities, and functionality you desire. Thanks to new room additions to your home, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Comfort – Expand your living space to accommodate your growing needs, ensuring everyone has a cozy corner to call their own.
  • Increased Property Value – Our home additions maximize your living experience and add significant value to your property, making it a sound investment.
  • Personalized Space – Tailor your home to reflect your style and preferences with custom additions that resonate with your unique sense of comfort.
  • Adaptability – As your life evolves, so can your home. Our additions are designed to meet your changing needs, whether a new playroom, a home office, or an art studio.
  • Cost-Effective Solution – Avoid the hassle and expense of moving by choosing home additions. Get the space you need where you love to live without suffering from “moving-day blues.”

Choose Home Additions Right for Your Living Situation

At Johnson’s Building Company, we understand the importance of choice. That’s why we offer a diverse range of home addition options, each tailored to meet your specific design preferences and amenity requirements. Our lineup includes:

Home Additions
Conventional House Additions

A standard home extension that gives you a brand-new room or expands existing rooms to provide extra space that seamlessly integrates with your current layout.

Home Additions
Bump Outs

Perfect for when you need a little more space, bump outs extend an existing room to give you those few extra square feet for a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom without a complete remodel.

Home Additions

Bring the outdoors in with a sunroom addition. Enjoy natural light and a panoramic view of your surroundings in a tranquil space designed for relaxation or entertainment, regardless of the weather.

Home Additions
Second Story Additions

When you're out of horizontal space, go vertical! Adding a second story can significantly increase your living area without sacrificing your yard, giving your home not just additional space but a whole new point of view.

Reach Out to Johnson’s Building Company

There’s no need to feel cramped or stuck where you’re living. Expand your home’s rooms and maximize your property’s living space with creative designs and expert contracting work from Johnson’s Building Company. To learn more about our services, like custom home designs or renovations, or request a consultation with our team, call 309-830-7110. Or, get in touch by filling out our contact form.