Bathroom Remodel Near You

Bathroom Remodel Near You

Two contractors installing countertops and a sink in a bathroom during a bathroom remodel in Central Illinois

Improve Your Restroom with a High-Quality Bathroom Remodel Near You

Are you looking for a change of pace for your home? What about your bathroom? It might seem like a simple room to change, but it’s also one of the most crucial in your household! And if you can’t feel comfortable in your restroom, where can you feel comfortable? Thankfully, with the experts at Johnson’s Building Company, achieving a high-quality bathroom remodel near you has never been easier. Schedule a consultation with Johnson’s design team today!

The Purpose of a Bathroom Remodel

If your toilet is continually leaky, your wallpaper has begun to peel, and the corners of your shower are home to mold that won’t go away, it’s time to call Johnson’s Building Company. We can transform your bathroom from drab and messy to a highly functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some examples of what a bathroom remodel in Bloomington IL helps achieve:

  • Greater Safety – There might be a surprising number of issues in your bathroom that compromise your safety and that of your household. From cracked tiles to mold in your shower, what can you do when your bathroom is a safety and health hazard? Remodeling is the answer! Johnson’s can replace walls, flooring, and problematic plumbing fixtures. Additionally, we can install additional features, like grab bars and non-slippery flooring, to increase your bathroom’s safety.
  • Improved Organization – Perhaps the layout and organization of your bathroom no longer match the needs of your growing household. If such is the case, Johnson’s Building Company can assist. We can install new plumbing, counter space and fixtures where you want them, maximizing your available space and increasing storage as needed.
  • Reduced Utility Costs –¬†Older toilets, shower heads, lighting and additional plumbing fixtures might be the source of high utility costs. Unfortunately, older fixtures don’t have the same effectiveness and conservation features as modern fixtures. You can significantly save on water and electricity costs by replacing these fixtures with more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient options.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics – If your home is older, it likely incorporates the popular styles of past decades. However, what was once “stylish” might be no longer. With design from Johnson’s Building Company, we can give your bathroom the facelift it needs to bring it into the modern age. Installing new flooring, replacing tiles, painting walls, and installing modern plumbing fixtures increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and boost the value of your home.

Additional Contracting Work from Johnson’s

A bathroom remodel near you isn’t the only design and contracting work Johnson’s Building Company can perform. We are dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients across Central Illinois with truly breathtaking design and construction. No matter your hopes and dreams for a completely custom home, we will help you achieve them! Some of our additional contracting services include:

Contractor installing tiles during a Bathroom Remodel Near You

Bloomington’s Trusted Remodeling Experts

Make the most of the most crucial room in your home with Johnson’s Building Company and a bathroom remodel near you! Learn more about Johnson’s Building Company’s services or request a consultation with our team by calling 309-830-7110. You can also reach Johnson’s Building Company by filling out our contact form.